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Filmlocation Salzburg

Breathtaking nature and mountain scenery, authentic country life, cosmopolitan character… Salzburg combines a variety of film settings in a small geographical area, making it a real favourite among film-makers. Film producers also benefit from the services of our Filmlocation Salzburg.

These services include:

  • Advice and support in obtaining funding and permits
  • Support in contacting authorities
  • Coordination with film funding institutions
  • Access to a network of media professionals and production support services (crews, equipment, studios, etc.)
  • Support in preparing press events and premieres
  • Help with location scouting


From local productions to Hollywood: The film funding of the State of Salzburg

For over 20 years, film funding has been an integral part of the creative scene. The State of Salzburg provides funding of up to 50 % of the money spent in the region for commercial film productions. It is open to national and international film producers and screenwriters who plan to carry out a film or TV production in the state of Salzburg, and it is not limited to any specific genre. The production must contribute to the local economy, particularly the film industry, by creating employment opportunities in Salzburg (Salzburg Effect and Salzburg Film Industry Effect). Additionally, the film must have international market potential, such as films produced for the entire German market or those with international distribution. Past projects supported by the film funding include the evergreen “The Sound of Music,” the Hollywood blockbuster “Knight and Day” starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, the popular crime series “Die Toten von Salzburg,” the successful debut film by Austrian director Adrian Goiginger “Die Beste aller Welten,” and many more.



31. July 2023

“Algorithms, Brands & Emotions” at the Salzburg Media Summit

On July 28th, creatives, experts, and managers from the media and technology industry gathered for the traditional event organized by the Association of Film and Music Salzburg, Innovation Salzburg, and the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce at Schloss Leopoldskron.

ADRIAN GOIGINGER Foto: Patrick Langwallner

5. April 2023

No movies without film funding

Interview with filmmaker Adrian Goiginger, who gained recognition through his heart-wrenching film, Die beste aller Welten, which showcases Salzburg from an unexpected perspective. We talked about the significance of funding for filmmakers, Salzburg as a filming location, and his personal developments since his debut work.

1. January 2023

The new Austrian film subsidy is here

The new funding model is intended to strengthen the domestic film industry and create jobs.

21. November 2022

Movie release of „The Magic Flute“

“The Magic Flute” has been in theaters since Thursday, November 17, 2023. As the name suggests, the film takes up the story of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”. The result is a successful combination of fantasy spectacle and coming-of-age story, in which Mozart’s music takes center stage.

27. August 2022

Film location Salzburg: created for the camera

Manuela Strihavka has been a member of the Salzburg Film Advisory Board since 2002 and has been its chair since 2009. We interviewed her on July 27, 2022, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary celebration of the film location and the Media Summit.

29. July 2022

20 years of film funding: The Filmlocation Salzburg is a story of success

Salzburg is a popular location for TV and cinema films. Film has a great tradition in the city and the state – a tradition also supported by the state of Salzburg. Filmförderung Salzburg celebrated its 20th anniversary at the Media Summit in Schloss Leopoldskron on Friday, July 29.

14. July 2020

“Liefering is more inspiring to me than any trendy district in Vienna.”

Filmmaker Adrian Goiginger, known for his successful debut film “Die Beste aller Welten,” discussed with us in an interview why Salzburg remains his top choice as a film location.

1. July 2020

On the film set of “Die Toten von Salzburg”

In Salzburg, not only does the film roll, but the pen also rolls over the screenplay. And not just in the case of the tourist magnet Sound of Music, but also in the successful case of the film crew of “Die Toten von Salzburg” among the familiar faces that have already been in front of the camera in Salzburg.

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