On a filmset, Photo: Innovation Salzburg/Bazzoka

1. January 2023

The new Austrian film subsidy is here

The new funding model is intended to strengthen the domestic film industry and create jobs.

As announced by the government in July, the new Austrian film funding model came into effect on 1 January 2023. The aim is to secure Austria’s competitiveness as a film location and to arouse the interest of international productions in Austria. Independent film production and production service companies can apply for funding. This should make the filming of Austrian film productions abroad a thing of the past.

Innovations in the new film funding model

  • The basic subsidy provides for a non-repayable grant of 30 percent of the costs for each project carried out in Austria.
  • The Green Bonus of a further 5 percent is awarded if climate-friendly criteria are met and is intended to make Austria an international pioneer in climate-friendly production.
  • A bonus of 25,000 euros is earmarked for projects with high participation by women.
  • The maximum funding is 5 million euros per film and 7.5 million euros per series.

What is funded

  • International and Austrian productions or co-productions in the field of cinema, TV and streaming.
  • Filming as well as post-production for picture, sound, film music, digital film effects (VFX) and animation.

Edith Urban, our expert from Filmlocation Salzburg, expects the new funding to bring significant growth to the area – not only in the film industry but throughout the value chain. Starting on February 16, the advantages of the new funding model will be presented to an international audience of professionals at the Berlinale at the joint appearance of Filmlocation Salzburg with the federal states and FILM in AUSTRIA.

For more information on the new funding system and how to apply, please visit the Filmstandort Austria website

Your contact with the Filmlocation Salzburg

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29. May 2024

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27. May 2024

Mr. Eddy: How interesting is Salzburg for Netflix?

In the name of our film location Salzburg, we had the opportunity to host a delegation from Netflix. During a stroll through the city center and Hellbrunn, the team could get an impression of Salzburg’s film scenery. Steve Eddy, Director of the DACH Region for Netflix, answered a few questions for us on that occasion.

17. November 2023

Salzburg gets its first virtual production studio

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8. November 2023

Training courses for Filmmakers

Salzburg is the second-largest media hub in Austria and a versatile location for (film) productions. So, it’s the perfect place to start your education in this field

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