Cyclorama screen, photo: Take 2 Studios

17. November 2023

Salzburg gets its first virtual production studio

Take 2 Studios in Salzburg Sam opens Austria’s first virtual production studio.

The name Take 2 is derived from the founders of the studio: the siblings Viktoria and Felix Brandstetter. Before founding the company, the two creative minds often worked together on the same projects, using their complementary skills. In the fall of 2022, they founded their own studio and brought together years of experience in film, real-time technologies, graphic design and marketing in the new Take 2 Studios in Salzburg-Sam.

The team is dedicated to delivering immersive and engaging experiences from conception to realization for anyone looking to enhance their projects with virtual production. By integrating the latest technology, the siblings aim to lead the virtual production industry in Austria and set new standards for quality and innovation in the field of moving images.

The Take 2 Studios complex consists of two studios. Studio 1 has an 8 x 3 meter LED wall, while Studio 2 has a large panoramic wall.

What is special about the technology is that it enables a mixture of real actors and computer-generated environments. Instead of building real sets, backgrounds can be created digitally and the actors interact with these virtual worlds.

Advantages of a virtual production studio:

  • Virtual sets: digital environments are created instead of physical backdrops. The actors see these environments on screens while standing in front of a special backdrop.
  • Real-time technology: the virtual environments are generated in real time, which means that the scenery adapts immediately when the camera or actors move.
  • Motion capture: the actors’ movements are captured using special suits and cameras. This motion data is then transferred to digital characters or models.
  • LED walls: LED walls are used to display the virtual environments. The lighting and reflections are adjusted in real time to enhance the illusion of realism.
  • Cost efficiency: by using virtual technologies, filmmakers can reduce costs for physical sets, travel and other logistical challenges.
  • Overall, virtual film production allows for a more flexible and efficient way of filmmaking by blurring the lines between the real and digital worlds.

Focus on education and sustainability

Take 2 Studios aims to be 100% powered by renewable energy by 2024. Viktoria and Felix’s team are also giving the next generation of filmmakers access to virtual production by incorporating their practical experience into the curriculum at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences.

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