Photo: Thomas Bernhard Institute, Drama graduation class 2024, Christian Borchers

8. November 2023

Training courses for Filmmakers

Salzburg is the second-largest media hub in Austria and a versatile location for (film) productions. So, it’s the perfect place to start your education in this field

The combination of creativity and technology also makes the topic an interesting challenge. In this text, we present the key training opportunities to you.

Multimedia at FH Salzburg

The MultiMediaArt program in Puch Urstein imparts core competencies in the areas of graphics, moving images, photography, interaction, and audio. Students learn to utilize various media such as computer animation, audio, and film, and are encouraged to implement their ideas in interdisciplinary, interactive projects.

The success validates the education: Six works by students from Salzburg are among this year’s winning projects in the competition for students in advertising, digital communication, and design, organized by the ONE CLUB FOR CREATIVITY in New York. Constanze Radak’s DOUBTS won a Golden Cube in the Film and Camera category. Film students Felix Foltas and Julian Ferner were recognized for their overall portfolio, and numerous other projects received awards.

More information about the MultimediaArt program

  • Bachelor/Master of Arts in Arts and Design
  • 6 semesters each
  • Full-time/presence study

Wifi Film Academy

For those seeking practical, intense education or further training, the Film Academy at WIFI Salzburg offers a program that supports aspiring directors, producers, cinematographers and content producers. The diploma course provides a direct entry into a specific professional field and was launched in 2009, filling a gap in Austria’s education system at that time.

This part-time training provides access to professional equipment and encourages the development of individual film projects.

More information about the Wifi Film Academy

  • Diploma Production Manager
  • Part-time
  • 2 semesters

Study Program in Acting and Directing

The Thomas Bernhard Institute is among the most prestigious Austrian training institutions for aspiring actors, directors, film, and theater creators. In addition to classical techniques of role acquisition, acting students learn the fundamentals of speech, vocal and physical expression, and develop their musical, vocal, dance, and acrobatic skills in an extensive program for film and stage at an international level.

This is evident in the recent success of Ebru Tartıcı Borchers, who has been nominated for the German Theatre Award DER FAUST with her production AMSTERDAM. The award ceremony will take place on November 25 at the Thalia Theater Hamburg. Congratulations and fingers crossed!

More information about the program at the Thomas Bernhard Institute

  • Master of Arts
  • Full-time/presence
  • 8 semesters


Dream Job in the Media Industry

Those pursuing education in the film industry are constantly dealing with new technologies. “Technical development in the field of audiovisual content is progressing rapidly, with an increasing importance of AI-generated content,” says Lothar Riedl, film producer, and course director. He anticipates that a significant amount of AI-generated content will enter the media industry in the next three years, leading to completely new workflows. “Graduates are in high demand,” says Riedl. “About a third of them work for Austrian TV stations, another third for advertising agencies and PR departments of large organizations, and roughly a third have successfully established their own agency or production company.”

For those willing to engage with the constantly changing challenges, the opportunity to embark on a journey into the dream world awaits in a growing job market in Salzburg.


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