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19. July 2023

From Mozart to Hightech

In the Austria Picture that aired on ORF 2 on June 11th, our CEO Walter Haas stated, “Salzburg should stand for research, technology, and the future.” The program, produced by the Salzburg Regional Studio, focused on our innovation ecosystem.

21. March 2023

The economy must align with nature

How to use resources efficiently, reuse them, or replace them with natural materials is what circular economy and bioeconomy are concerned with. Experts discussed what it takes to transition to a green economy during a panel at the salz21 innovation festival.

20. March 2023

Hydrogen: This is how we achieve the green transformation

Hydrogen as an energy carrier has great potential. Read an overview of applications and research projects in Salzburg and what hurdles experts still need to overcome for a green transformation.

17. February 2023

Meet us @salz21 – Our offer for you at the Innovation Festival

Panels, Workshops, Pitchings – here you can find our program and all our offerings for you at the salz21 innovation festival on March 15th and 16th at the Salzburg Exhibition Center (Messe Salzburg) at a glance!

15. June 2022

Why SAG relies on liquid hydrogen as fuel

Liquid hydrogen (LH2) is increasingly becoming the focus of attention when it comes to alternative fuels for commercial vehicles. The Salzburg Aluminium Group is researching how to store it in tanks. Esther Lind from SAG told us at our Industry Talks at the salz21 innovation festival how SAG manages to store LH2 at – 253 degrees.

13. June 2022

Behind the scenes of the WIKARUS jury

Who are the most innovative companies in Salzburg? This is the question asked by the WIKARUS jury, who will award the Salzburg Business Prize on 27 September. The submissions are currently being evaluated. As our innovation expert and head of the Innovation Service Centre Romana Schwab is part of the jury in the “Innovation” category, we are allowed to take a look behind the scenes.

11. March 2022

With software to the research premium

If you want to get the research grant for a software development, the software must offer innovative and new solutions. A fine line to engineering. IOVAVUM shows how to get a research grant in the IT sector.

23. February 2022

Renewable energy from the Lungau

The condensing systems from Stefan Ritzer GmbH in Lungau produce more than just hot air: they efficiently utilize residual heat. That’s how Green Innovation made in Salzburg works!

18. February 2022

Green Innovation: More than just paper

For 125 years, AustroCel Hallein has been a part of the Tennengau region. This longstanding company demonstrates how to stay at the forefront and successfully apply circular economy principles, showcasing Green Innovation made in Salzburg!

30. August 2021

Thinking about security from the beginning

Six out of ten companies fell victim to a cyber attack last year – according to a study by KPMG. The recent examples of Salzburg Milch or Palfinger, which have become victims of a cyber attack, demonstrate that this is not an abstract but a real threat.

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