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1. July 2020

On the film set of “Die Toten von Salzburg”

In Salzburg, not only does the film roll, but the pen also rolls over the screenplay. And not just in the case of the tourist magnet Sound of Music, but also in the successful case of the film crew of “Die Toten von Salzburg” among the familiar faces that have already been in front of the camera in Salzburg.

In Arenbergstraße, in the city of Salzburg, the silver catering truck shines, announcing the well-deserved lunch break for the film crew. Filming is underway again in Salzburg, specifically the sixth episode, ‘Swan Song for a Dead Conductor,’ of the successful TV crime series ‘Die Toten von Salzburg,’ a Satel Film production in co-production with ORF and ZDF. From the beginning, the production has been supported by the Austrian Television Fund, the state of Salzburg, and the city of Salzburg, with film locations supported by Innovation Salzburg GmbH.

“Die Toten von Salzburg” and the snowball effect

Up to 952,000 viewers watched the episode “Mordwasser” of the TV crime films in March on ORF 2, and the creators are confident that they can achieve these sensational ratings for the next episodes as well. The award-winning production, which won the Romy, continues to rely on the proven actors, including Fanny Krausz, Michael Fitz, and Erwin Steinhauer in the lead roles. Director Erhard Riedlsperger believes in the zeitgeist of his films and the filming location of Salzburg. “The big films, Sound of Music and all the others, are a thing of the past. When we started filming six years ago, there was no TV movie, no TV series that took place in Salzburg. I wanted to change that. As a Salzburg native, I had never filmed in Salzburg before. That’s why we wanted to try it and came up with a story that appealed to ZDF and ORF. Now suddenly, a lot of filmmakers are filming in Salzburg,” says Riedlsperger, referring to the snowball effect. He is pleased that his production has set the ball rolling.

According to the director, film subsidies are essential for films and series to be created in a particular location. “Subsidies are extremely important. Sometimes, they are the crucial ten percent of why a project happens or why it doesn’t. And even a small subsidy and good service from Innovation Salzburg can achieve a lot,” says Riedlsperger. Filmmakers can not only apply for subsidies from Innovation Salzburg but also receive support in all other aspects of production.

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31. July 2023

“Algorithms, Brands & Emotions” at the Salzburg Media Summit

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5. April 2023

No movies without film funding

Interview with filmmaker Adrian Goiginger, who gained recognition through his heart-wrenching film, Die beste aller Welten, which showcases Salzburg from an unexpected perspective. We talked about the significance of funding for filmmakers, Salzburg as a filming location, and his personal developments since his debut work.

1. January 2023

The new Austrian film subsidy is here

The new funding model is intended to strengthen the domestic film industry and create jobs.

21. November 2022

Movie release of „The Magic Flute“

“The Magic Flute” has been in theaters since Thursday, November 17, 2023. As the name suggests, the film takes up the story of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”. The result is a successful combination of fantasy spectacle and coming-of-age story, in which Mozart’s music takes center stage.

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