With Innovation Salzburg, your ideas are always safe. Whether patents, trademarks or copyrights – our experts know how to protect your know-how. They know what to look out for and will make you aware of any potential stumbling blocks. They will tell you what funding is available in your area and advise you on how to formulate a strategy that protects your intellectual property from theft, thereby safeguarding your success. We also offer regular patent, trademark, design, and copyright consultation days (all dates can be found in the event calendar).


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23. October 2023

Automation of lens control succeeds with VISTA

The VISTA measuring system finds defects in and on transparent objects with a reliability of almost 100 percent. VISTA is thus the world’s first successful automation of a previously mandatory manual inspection in spectacle lens production. The innovation was developed by A&C from Salzburg Stadt.

17. February 2023

Meet us @salz21 – Our offer for you at the Innovation Festival

Panels, Workshops, Pitchings – here you can find our program and all our offerings for you at the salz21 innovation festival on March 15th and 16th at the Salzburg Exhibition Center (Messe Salzburg) at a glance!

Our Intellectual Property Rights experts will answer your FAQs regarding patents, trademarks, and more!

2. August 2022

Here’s what you need to know about intellectual property rights!

What can I protect in my company? How do I do it? And how much does it cost? Find out all this and more here!

7. March 2022

These funding opportunities exist for intellectual property rights

99 percent of companies in the EU are SMEs, yet only nine percent have registered rights for Intellectual Property (IP). However, there are many support services available that can help with IP protection. We strongly encourage you to invest in your intellectual property strategy.

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