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We assist you in finding and implementing the appropriate measures for you and your project. We advise you on whether and how your project is eligible for funding and which support options are suitable for you.

A wealth of innovation and investment support is available for companies at regional, national and international level. Funding is available for different needs, categories and durations. Innovation Salzburg keeps track of the various different grants and tenders, so that you always have an overview of what is available. We’ll help you identify and implement the right options for you and your project. We’ll also advise you on whether your project is eligible for funding or support and, if so, how to apply.

In our consultation, we draw on regional, national, and EU-wide funding programs. To stay up to date, we cooperate closely with the State of Salzburg, the Austrian promotional bank (austria wirtschaftsservice, aws), the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), and the Austrian Hotel and Tourism Bank (ÖHT).


Florian Dürager

Mag. (FH) Florian Dürager

Monika Feichtner

Monika Feichtner, MBA

Romana Schwab

Mag. Romana Schwab

Simone Weiß

Mag. (FH) Simone Weiß, BSc

Head of Talent Attraction Management & Internationalisation

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ADRIAN GOIGINGER Foto: Patrick Langwallner

5. April 2023

No movies without film funding

Interview with filmmaker Adrian Goiginger, who gained recognition through his heart-wrenching film, Die beste aller Welten, which showcases Salzburg from an unexpected perspective. We talked about the significance of funding for filmmakers, Salzburg as a filming location, and his personal developments since his debut work.

4. April 2023

Why the European Green Deal also affects SMEs

The EU is creating political and legal frameworks with the Green Deal to transform the economy and society sustainably. What does this mean for companies, especially SMEs? Our expert Romana Schwab clarifies in the interview.

We can help you finance AI systems for your company.

1. February 2023

New funding for AI applications

The new aws funding supports companies in the development of innovative, trustworthy AI applications. You can submit your application from today – we can advise you on the funding!

1. December 2022

This is what you should know about funding

So that you are prepared for the next funding application, we will answer the most important questions about innovation funding here.

11. March 2022

Research premium – this is how you apply!

SMEs can apply to the tax office for a research premium for expenditure on research and development (R&D). We show you how it works!

10. March 2022

When does a project fall under R&D?

Is your company involved in research and/or development? With many projects it is not entirely clear whether a project is actually research or perhaps “only” an engineering project. With our help, you can manage the correct classification of your project.

7. March 2022

These funding opportunities exist for intellectual property rights

99 percent of companies in the EU are SMEs, yet only nine percent have registered rights for Intellectual Property (IP). However, there are many support services available that can help with IP protection. We strongly encourage you to invest in your intellectual property strategy.

25. February 2022

Implementing sustainable energy supply intelligently

The sixth and final company we are featuring in the series “Green Innovation made in Salzburg” is Energieautonom GmbH. They are dedicated to the optimization of solar power.

21. February 2022

A revolution in plastic technology in the Flachgau region

In the circular economy, switching from plastic to paper doesn’t make sense, and Renner Print Media has recognized this by developing a new product. The company specializes in producing plant labels, supplying nurseries, home improvement stores, and food chains. They also export their products to Germany and Italy.

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