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5. December 2022

For Tomorrow’s Skilled Workers

Since 2020, we have been supporting young people in finding the right profession with Lehre Salzburg. We do this through and an award-winning media campaign.

Tobias is a media specialist. He experienced what many other young people do: poor grades and no progress in sight. Eventually, school became frustrating for him. Apprenticeship became a ray of hope: “I’m a doer, that’s why I ultimately decided on an apprenticeship,” he says about his choice of career path. Another young person who has found fulfillment in the right apprenticeship is Anna Maria. She has added the profession of retail saleswoman to her new apprenticeship as a chocolatière. Then there’s Islam, who is now 28 years old. He was once an apprentice mason and now runs a company with 20 employees.

These are just three of many success stories that we, at Lehre Salzburg, showcase on our website and social media channels. The videos focus on the apprentices and their respective professions, making the various training paths visible. The message: Apprenticeships are a solid building block for a bright future.

Support for Apprentices and Parents

In Salzburg, there are around 200 different apprenticeships. It’s easy to lose track. That’s why the Vocational Finder was developed, where the apprenticeships are listed based on preferences. After all, there’s a difference if you have a green thumb, enjoy surfing the digital highway, prefer to work physically, or shine with your theoretical knowledge. If you already have certain professions in mind that you would like to learn more about, you can also search alphabetically or by industry.

Additionally, the website provides information about the different types of apprenticeships available in Salzburg. Apprenticeships offer flexibility – you can simultaneously pursue a higher education entrance qualification (Matura), obtain a partial qualification, or start a new education as an adult. The platform also offers information and resources for individuals whose native language is not German or who face other challenges when entering the workforce.

The blog provides helpful application tips for young people or apprenticeship events. Parents continue to play a significant role in helping their children find the right education. The video below in the gallery showcases why it’s not a drama if your own child wants to pursue an apprenticeship instead of a university degree.

Two State Awards for Lehre Salzburg

With Lehre Salzburg, we are venturing for the first time into a new target group in terms of age: teenagers. That’s why we are particularly pleased that the media campaign has been successful and was awarded two state prizes in 2022:

  • 2nd place in the “Advertising Campaign” category with Salić Agency
  • 3rd place in the “Advertising Photography” category with Studio Fjeld

Meet and Greet with the Target Group

BIM, career fairs, and more: The Lehre Salzburg team regularly participates in the most important career information events in the state of Salzburg. And with the “Long Night of Apprenticeship,” it has created its own event format, which took place for the first time in the Tennengau region in 2022. Various apprenticeship companies introduced themselves to the interested audience for an evening. There were company tours, interactive activities, and conversations with apprentices and trainers. The teenagers could apply directly to the companies or arrange trial apprenticeships. The result? 400 visitors in 40 apprenticeship companies from Abtenau to Urstein. Read more about it in the blog post. The Long Night of Apprenticeship will continue in 2023, this time in the Pongau region. In 2022, we were present at the BIM.

Who else is behind Lehre Salzburg?

Lehre Salzburg is an initiative of the partners of the Salzburg Alliance for Growth and Employment, under the leadership of the state of Salzburg. Innovation Salzburg is responsible for coordination and public relations. Partners of the Alliance for Growth and Employment include: the city of Salzburg, the Salzburg Chamber of Commerce, the Salzburg Education Directorate, the Salzburg Chamber of Agriculture, the Social Ministry Service – Salzburg Regional Office, the Salzburg Employment Service, the Salzburg Chamber of Labour, the Salzburg Federation of Industry, the Austrian Association of Cities – Salzburg Regional Group, the Salzburg Agricultural Chamber, the Salzburg Municipal Association, and the Austrian Trade Union Federation – Salzburg. The shared task is to make Salzburg the most apprenticeship-friendly state.


Claudia Castellazzi

Mag. Claudia Castellazzi

Talent Attraction Management, Lehrlingsfreundlichstes Bundesland

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