From left to right: Steffen Robbi (Digital findet Stadt), Christian Öhler (BMK), Michael Strobl (strobl architekten ZT), Wolfgang Amann (Institute for Real Estate, Construction, and Housing), Kerstin Hunkel-Hitzel (RKW Competence Center), Bernhard Lehofer (Innovation Salzburg)

14. October 2022

this is how the construction industry becomes sustainable

The specialist symposium “Brennpunkt Alpines Bauen” has established itself as an industry gathering for the construction sector and took place on Thursday, October 13th, at the Urstein Campus of FH Salzburg in Puch – returning to in-person format after two years of being held as an online symposium.

The 9th specialist symposium focused on the Green Deal and how the construction industry can manage the decarbonization of buildings by 2040 and the role that digitization can play in this regard. This pleased both the guests and the organizers: “We addressed all the important issues currently facing the construction industry, and networking and personal exchange are always essential components of our specialist symposium,” said Bernhard Lehofer of Innovation Salzburg.

The Green Deal as an Opportunity

In her keynote, Kerstin Hunkel-Hitzel from the RKW Competence Center Germany emphasized how important it is for companies to engage with the Green Deal and the associated rules and regulations: “The Green Deal will affect every company of any size. If companies engage with the topic now and develop a sustainability strategy, they can gain a competitive advantage.”

During the afternoon sessions, experts specifically addressed challenges in sustainable construction: how companies can reuse or recycle resources in line with the circular economy, and the effects of renovations and densifications on the energy requirements of buildings. To conclude, there was an excursion to the new Twin2SIM research building of the FH Salzburg, where research is conducted on building components, facades, and materials.

The specialist symposium “Brennpunkt Alpines Bauen” was organized by Innovation Salzburg in cooperation with the Center for Alpine Building, Holzcluster Salzburg, the Chamber of Civil Engineers, Architects, and Engineers of Upper Austria and Salzburg,, Initiative Architecture, Alpine Building Network, Digital goes City, and the Future Construction Agency.

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8. March 2024

How do we shape our future?

Political and technological challenges, as well as solutions to questions about the world of tomorrow, were discussed at the well-attended Innovation and Technology Forum salz21 on March 6th at the Salzburg Exhibition Center. Let’s take a look back at the panels organized by Innovation Salzburg.

15. November 2023

A new binder for timber construction

Bauneg GmbH from Flachgau has developed a new type of binding agent for levelling wooden residential buildings that remains elastic and thus provides sound insulation. The SME was supported by the state’s innovation funding programme and Innovation Salzburg.

3. November 2023

Development of raw material recycling thanks to funding

The extraction of gravel produces extremely fine material that was previously considered waste. An innovation from Pongau makes it possible to utilise this material for the first time. This means that 100 per cent of the raw material can be used. The mechanical recovery process was developed by Christian Ehrensberger GmbH from Tenneck near Werfen.

13. October 2023

Circular Economy:
Building with and in Existing Structures

“Dismantle. Breakthrough. Departure.” was the motto of this year’s Alpine Construction Symposium at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences on October 12, 2023. The focus was on topics related to construction in existing structures and the recycling of materials from decommissioned buildings. There are many challenges in this regard, but also solutions.

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