Alpine construction and urban development

In the Alpine region, efficient and sustainable utilization of available resources in terms of land and energy efficiency is a significant challenge due to the topographical and climatic conditions. The climate is characterized by localized weather patterns, strong seasonal and regional differences, and extreme weather events. Additionally, the Alpine region exhibits higher sensitivity to climate change, which requires above-average requirements for the building physics and construction of buildings. Alpine architecture has historically addressed these high demands with an authentic and complex building culture that needs to be preserved and rediscovered, recognizing and reinterpreting the qualities of tradition. In settlement development, it is therefore essential to efficiently utilize existing areas that are tailored to the Alpine region and to consider areas threatened by natural hazards. For a sustainable development of settlement structures in the Alpine region, it is crucial to effectively utilize the existing land and location potentials and integrate them with new technologies in building and energy systems.


Project details


Arge Alp

Funding amount

73.480 Euro

Project partners
  • Lead: Innovation Salzburg GmbH
  • Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
  • ZAB Zukunftsagentur Bau GmbH

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