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At career fairs in Austria and abroad, we introduce students to IT jobs in Salzburg, Photo: Innovation Salzburg

5. December 2023

Presentation of Salzburg companies at career fairs

Throughout the year, we will be attending national and international career fairs together with Salzburg-based companies to represent the Salzburg location. There are still available dates with free booth spaces!

The shortage of skilled workers poses significant challenges for companies and our economic location. This is further exacerbated by demographic changes and a rapidly growing international competition for talented individuals. The IT industry, in particular, has experienced a worsening shortage of personnel. In Salzburg, efforts are being made on various fronts to address these challenges and to enhance the development of skilled workers, education, and the attractiveness and visibility of Salzburg as a place to work. One important component of these efforts is participating in career fairs both domestically and internationally.

Below you will find the dates of upcoming career fairs. For those marked with an asterisk (*), we still have available spots for you to join us in representing Salzburg and your company.

  • 23.-24.4.2024: IKORO Rosenheim
    Regional and national companies annually showcase themselves at IKORO. Over two consecutive days of the fair, they have the opportunity to present themselves as potential future employers to prospective candidates. This is a chance for them to recruit highly qualified workforce, provide information about internships, and introduce career entry opportunities to students.
  • 25.4.2024: TECONOMY Graz
    The TECONOMY Graz is a career fair organized by students. Since 1992, IAESTE Graz (student association) has been organizing the TECONOMY in close cooperation with Graz University of Technology (TU Graz), attracting over 4,000 visitors and over 90 companies annually. This enables students from all technical and scientific disciplines to connect with companies and gather information about internships, thesis opportunities, and job prospects.
  • *16.5.2024: TUday Vienna
    At the job fair of the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), companies and students come together. Last year, there were about 6,000 visitors and around 100 companies participating.
  • *24.-27.5.2024: IKOM München
    The Technical University of Munich holds a unique position in Europe solely based on its academic structure. Its comprehensive range of natural and engineering sciences is complemented by faculties in medicine, sports, health, and life sciences. The IKOM, situated at the Garching Research Center, has grown since its inception in 1989 from a one-day forum with 26 companies to a four-day major event with over 300 participating firms and approximately 15,000 visitors.
  • *Oktober 2024: IT-JobFair Warschau – Autumn 2024
    The IT JobFair takes place over three days at the three largest universities in Warsaw (we will be participating for two days and at two universities). The fair is a blend of a job fair and workshops aimed at students studying computer science and related fields.
  • *October 9-10, 2024: FH Career Fair Wels
    The FH Career Fair Wels provides a professional platform for networking with over 130 high-profile companies from all over Austria. It also offers opportunities for internships, thesis topics, and job offers in the fields of technology and applied natural sciences.
  • *13.11.2024: TECONOMY Vienna
    TECONOMY targets students and graduates in technical and natural science disciplines.
  • *November 2024: JobMadrid 
    JobMadrid offers approximately 10,000 visitors the opportunity to engage in conversations and network with over 50 national and international companies and institutions. This international career fair for young Spanish talents is open to students and graduates from all academic backgrounds, nationalities, and universities.


If you are interested in joining us at any of these events and sharing a booth with us free of charge, please contact us at! Booth spaces will be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis.


Mag. Ulrike Klingenschmid

Talent Attraction Management, Welcome Service

+43 5 7599 722 74

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Presentation of Salzburg companies at career fairs

Throughout the year, we will be attending national and international career fairs together with Salzburg-based companies to represent the Salzburg location. There are still available dates with free booth spaces!

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