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1. December 2022

This is what you should know about funding

So that you are prepared for the next funding application, we will answer the most important questions about innovation funding here.

What types of Austrian innovation funding are available?

There are several types of funding available, some of which can be combined: non-repayable grants, interest rate subsidies, guarantees, liabilities, repayment-free periods, cost-effective loans, subsidized consulting, and partnerships. However, the planned project is the decisive factor here: we recommend establishing an optimized funding strategy for it.

How much funding is available?

The amount of funding available depends on the specific funding program, as well as the type and content of the project being funded, and the applicant’s criteria. In many guidelines and calls for proposals, the percentage of financial support available is specified, and sometimes there are also maximum funding amounts mentioned.

When do I need to apply for innovation funding?

Funding must always be applied for BEFORE the start of the project, during the planning phase. Come to us for funding advice in a timely manner!

Can I apply for funding at any time?

In most programs, projects can be submitted at any time. However, some require that the submission deadlines for calls for proposals be strictly adhered to.

What is a “Call”?

Many funding programs, especially at the EU level, have special calls for proposals. These calls are about a specific topic, and funding applications can only be submitted at a certain time.

From what point in time can I claim project costs?

In principle, not before the date of project submission, but the funding agency can set an earlier project start date in exceptional cases.

What costs are eligible for funding?

Eligible costs vary from program to program. More detailed information can be found in the guidelines and calls for proposals for each program. They list exactly which costs are eligible for funding and which costs cannot be supported.

How can I achieve the best possible funding for my project?

Multiple funding for the same costs is generally prohibited. However, there are allowed combinations, such as for different phases of the project or complementary funding (e.g. credit and liability). We are happy to help you with funding conception through competent funding advice.

Is there a legal right to funding?

No, there is no legal entitlement to funding! Therefore, it is all the more important that applications are professionally prepared and all formal criteria are met.

What does “De-minimis” mean?

De-minimis aid is funding whose amount is so low that it cannot distort competition. The sum of these received subsidies may not exceed 200,000 euros (100,000 euros in road freight transport) within the current and last three tax years.

Does Innovation Salzburg award funding itself?

No, we do NOT award funding ourselves, but rather support you in project development and funding application and processing for European and Austrian innovation funding.

Your contact for funding

Florian Dürager

Mag. (FH) Florian Dürager

Monika Feichtner

Monika Feichtner, MBA

(on maternity leave)
Service Center Innovation

+43 5 7599 722 75

Mag. Romana Schwab

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