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7. May 2020

Working more safely with “Angel”

To prevent electrical accidents, ADRESYS has developed the smart protection system called “Angel”. The system detects when an electrical current flows through the body and there is a voltage drop between the upper arms. In case of emergency, the electrical current is interrupted and a distress call is sent out.

You work according to the credo “safe working is our promise” and as part of the OMICRON group, you live up to their corporate policies while maintaining a certain startup mentality within the small team. ADRESYS also aims to develop innovative and bold products that make working with electricity safer. To achieve this, they also cooperate with research institutions located in Salzburg.

To prevent dangerous and costly electrical accidents, ADRESYS has developed a smart protection system called the “Angel” system, which is currently in the final development and testing phase. The principle is relatively simple: the smart textile shirt can detect when a current flow below 100 Hz passes through the body and there is a voltage drop between the upper arms. In case of emergency, the system can detect medical emergencies and trigger an emergency call. Through GPS data, the rescue teams then know exactly where the accident occurred. This can save lives in case of emergency. “Especially when working alone, the system provides protection in case of emergency,” says Ulrich Klapper, CEO of ADRESYS.

“Angel” consists of four components: a central control unit called “Genius”, a smart textile shirt, an intuitive app for the smartphone, and the “Watchdog”.

The „Watchdog“

In case of an electric shock, every millisecond counts to avoid life-threatening injuries. That’s why ADRESYS has developed the “Watchdog” as part of the “Angel” project, which immediately interrupts the circuit in case of emergency. The faster the circuit is interrupted, the more likely serious health damage can be reduced.

The „Genius“

The control element, called “Genius”, is essentially the heart of the system and activates the “Watchdog” in case of emergencies via radio. The processor is attached to the sleeve of the shirt and is connected to the wearer through acoustic and optical means. The smart element can measure the voltage drop in the body and the movements of the user. In case of emergency, the system notifies the emergency services through the smartphone app and activates the “Watchdog”, which in turn interrupts the circuit. Live data can then be read from the smartphone. The system also records even the smallest emergency situations and provides reports and evaluations to help analyze the situations properly. This helps companies to better avoid such emergencies in the future, and makes employees more aware of their own safety.

ADRESYS is convinced of its invisible guardian and hopes to support many companies in their safety measures with “Angel” in the future.

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