Innovation Hub Pioniergarage Salzburg

With the Pioniergarage Salzburg, we are creating the first innovation workshop, including a makerspace, in the Salzburg region. Local stakeholders from education, research, science, business, and public organizations will be connected here, establishing a strong regional innovation network. The goal is to establish the Pioniergarage as a central innovation workshop within a radius of 60 kilometers. This responds to the strong regional demand expressed through increasing investments in innovation, a growing number of startups, and dynamically evolving developments in research and technology.

Despite these positive developments, the innovation scene in Salzburg has been relatively fragmented and dispersed among a variety of actors. As a central spatial environment for innovation and development, the Pioniergarage Salzburg will bridge this gap and contribute to further strengthening the innovation ecosystem in the city and state of Salzburg.

Project details

  • FFG, Programm Innovationswerkstätten
  • Land Salzburg
Funding amount
Project partners
  • Innovation Salzburg (parent company)
  • Salzburg Wohnbau GmbH
  • Wirtschaftskammer Salzburg

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