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Pioniergarage Salzburg

In Salzburg’s Science City, we operate the Pioniergarage Salzburg, a freely accessible maker space for everyone who wants to turn their ideas into reality.

We opened the new maker space, called Pioniergarage Salzburg, in the city of Salzburg. Here, creatives of all kinds have 24/7 access to digital technologies and can bring their ideas to life using laser cutters, 3D printers, vinyl plotters, and more. From designing a custom-made t-shirt to creating a sophisticated prototype, the possibilities are endless. In the future, the Pioniergarage aims to become a meeting place for developers of all ages, serving both private individuals and companies. Our Pioniergarage team offers free training sessions to introduce you to the tools and equipment.

The Pioniergarage is part of an international network of over 1,700 Fab Labs (fabrication labs) in more than 50 countries. These labs facilitate innovation by providing access to digital manufacturing tools.


Innovation Salzburg Pioniergarage Salzburg
Techno-Z Salzburg (Techno 5)
Jakob-Haringer-Straße 8, 5020 Salzburg


Heinrich Sperling

Heinrich Sperling

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Mag. Christina Steinböck

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